Complete conversion of original D&D 5E SRD 5.1 from PDF format to Markdown format. Adjust all markdown headers.

Create OGL-SRD5 GitHub repository. Sync with GitHub Desktop app.

Create section folders and upload SRD markdown pages.

Purchase domain.

Create hosting account with Sigillum-Rasa.

Create website using GRAV open source flat-file CMS.

Install custom Learn2 with Git Sync theme for GRAV.

Install various Plugins for GRAV.

Sync website with GitHub repo with Git Sync plugin for GRAV.

Create Changelog.

Create Introduction page using media from the Wizard's Fan Site Kit.

Installed Table of Contents (TOC) plugin for GRAV.

Add alphabet headers to spell lists for TOC.

Install SSL certificate (HTTPS) for primary and mail domains.

Activate "Force SSL" globally in GRAV.

Create a Markdown compilation of all SRD pages at the SRD GitHub repo.

Add alphabet headers to magic items for TOC.

Change theme CSS colors.

Add TNT Search, a powerful indexed-based full text search engine.

Add a custom Google search option to the SRD.

Merged various Markdown edits from GitHub contributors. Thank you!

Adjust SRD for errata; awaiting official update from Wizards.

Customize the custom Google search option page or integrate it more with the site.

Link spell lists with thier respective spells.